Friday, 28 September 2012

Automatic People... exciting exhibition of contemporary jewellery, toys and sculptures taking place at the RBSA in Birmingham which I just happen to be taking part in ;-) definately worth a look.


Thursday, 27 September 2012


here are a few of the many prints which have been created during the ED1 inductions in the Printmaking Workshop.

Heat Transfer Printing with ED1.

Its been a busy few weeks with the first round of rotations through the workshops. In the Textiles workshop we have been working with ED1 on their marking making brief, they have been translating their marks by using the heat tranfer press to print onto various fabrics...below are the results.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Welcome back!

...a new term begins and with a few changes in the workshops;
We bid farewell to Greg who is leaving HCA to embark on a residency in Japan making tradition Japanese paper. He will be greatly missed by both staff and students and all will agree he made huge changes in the 3D workshop.
Keep an eye on his blog
...the good news is that Ian and Becky will now be running the workshop and no doubt there will be exciting times ahead...
We have some new tools and equipment in the workshops, most importantly the laser cutter which lives in the 3D workshop. Ian and Becky have started to produce some lovely samples and no doubt the new technology will enable students to produce some amazing work.
And finally...congratulations to Ellie who is expecting her first baby in February, we are all really excited!

Bye Bye Greg! already a dab hand with chopsticks :-)