Friday, 17 December 2010

Free Range Lettering

Tom, a student on Foundation Studies, is dressing these ceramic eggs with lettering, produced on the vinyl cutter. It really brings something to the form, adding meaning in a really thoughtful way. The detail that is achieved on this machine, continues to surprise me, (also, vinyl is alot easier to apply than Letraset!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wood Turning Wonderland

Clarice Moran and Sophie Walker, (CAA Students) are learning how to wood turn in the 3D Dept. They have confidently taken to it, already producing some lovely effects. I was impressed with their lack of concern over using such, tradionally 'dangerous', machinery. It's always a good sign when I have pull students away from their work at the end of the day; shows that they're having fun! It's great to see people using skills, they never knew, they had and making it their own. I'm looking forward to them returning after that Christmas break, to push the envelope even further.

Sophie Walker

Clarice Moran

Detail of Clarices work

Monday, 13 December 2010



Creating a pouring hole
Working out glass amount of glass needed

Casting pots and glass in kiln ready to fire

Finished melted glass captured in ceramic former

Sample 1 pot melting

Sampel 2 pot melting

Locket Making workshop with Year 2 Jewellery students

Cutting out the press tool and adding decoration to the metal

Gemma using the fly-press to create her locket shape

Using the fret saw to pierce out intricate detail

Soldering on tiny hinges!

The finished results!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Create unusual samples like those shown here. They were produced in a process workshop run jointly by the Printmaking and Ceramics Workshops.
Damp clay tiles were passed through the relief press, together with items to be impressed into the surface of the clay. These ranged from dry leaves to a variety of textile materials. Metal type was also pressed into the clay.
The clay was then taken to the Ceramics Workshop to be dried and fired. Once bisque fired, the tiles may be re-fired with glaze or as with the examples here, brought back to the Print Workshop to be 'cold surfaced' with printing inks.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Affordable Arts fair in all its glory!

A few pics of the Affordable Arts Fair...get down and grab yourself a christmas bargain.

Crossing over!

Sam Hathaway a foundation student at HCA has been developing ways in which to combine both Textiles surface pattern (using screen print) and various 3D techniques including sandblasting, using the vinyl cutter and working on to a number of unconventional surfaces.
See images of his work on perspecs, slate and glass.

Local News Coverage of the Affordable Arts Fair

The Hereford Journal ran a feature on the National Diploma students recent efforts for the Affordable Arts Fair. Watch this space for photos of the fair.

Vicky Collins, Jessi Harris, Martin 'Flash' Tatchell & Molly Howell are the students featured.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

HCA Affordable Arts Fair

This year's Affordable Arts Fair, held in the College foyer, looks better than ever. It starts, later today and goes on until Thursday 9th December. The standard of work is really high and is great showcase for the work carried out in the College's workshops. Get along and bag yourself a beautiful Christmas bargain.

Funds will go, partially to exhibitors, and also to the Make a Wish Org.