Thursday, 16 February 2012

Textiles....back in the room!

Above, a detail of a beautiful digital print onto cotton by Foundation student Ellie Cordwell.

Mixing up all the pigments for the Textiles students...colour swatch spoons.

A unique folded paper piece created by first year ED students Aphra Das Gupta

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Looking Forward...
Last week the 3rd year (Jewellery and CAA) students put their work on display for assessment. Here are some examples of work produced in the Small Metals workshop. I think we can look forward to a strong summer show.

The images above show Amy's oversized earring backs; utilising techniques such as flocking in the 3D workshop and using an external company for gold plating. She has also begun to work in silver and the effect of these combinations is tremendous...

Gemma's beautiful pieces of Jewellery are exsquisite and show a high level of skill and finish (above)

Rob has produced a range of automata 'toys'; he has developed and painstakingly cut out a set of interlinking cogs that work like a dream. He has started working with silver for his final pieces (above).

Fran's minature jewellery (above) has been assembled using tiny screw threads that blow the mind.

Dom (above) has worked hard to produce a range of vessels that have been rolled, press-formed and etched. She has used a variety of different metals, patinas and finishes to create the end result which has a strong impact.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

3D Laser Demo

Yesterday, we were visited by Dave Porter, a representative from Boxford, educational CAD/CAM suppliers.  He wowed the demo attendees, (Academic/Technical Staff and a CAA Degree student...thanks Esther:-) with the highly accurate, and impressively quick, portable laser cutter.  Our imaginations were buzzing at all the possibilities of the, seemingly simple to use, machinery...It'll cut paper, perspex, plastic, wood and will engrave glass. Dave's apparently off to the Royal College of Art next week, to give them a demo of the same model....fingers crossed for the future.


Friday, 10 February 2012

Resin in 3D...

A relatively new addition to the 3D Workshop materials palette, resin is gradually making an appearance through a series of small process workshops.  These examples are from C.A.A . Year 2 students, who approached me to show them the basics.  Cast into silicone ice trays, the colours are vivid and the clarity of the resin really comes through.  Looking forward to seeing more resin work being produced.
g. 3D

CAA Students...Beautiful Assessment Pieces

Clarice Munro
 Turned wooden vessels housed in felt. 
(Approx. 3 inches long.)

Sophie Walker
Carved wood sculpture.  Iron and Copper adornments.
(Approx 9 inches high)

Sophie and Clarice are third year CAA students.  They are predominantly based in the 3D workshop at Folly Lane.  They've worked so hard these past few moths, they've produced some beautiful pieces, bodes well for their final show in June:-)
g. 3D

Friday, 3 February 2012

Foundation student Kiya has produced these beautiful pieces of work in the Small Metals workshop using tecniques developed on the streets of South America...Intricate and stunning.