Thursday, 21 April 2011


A very simple and relatively inexpensive way of transferring complicated imagery to paper or material. All you need is a black and white positive transparency which may be made on a printer or photocopier. This is then placed between an ultraviolet light source and the light sensitive litho plate. The plate is exposed to the ultraviolet light and then developed. Once the plate has been rinsed and dried it is ready to print. Here are some examples produced by students using the Printmaking Workshop.

Friday, 8 April 2011

WORKSHOP CROSS-OVER: One step further. . 3D/Print/Ceramics/Print

The image was produced in the 3D Workshop using the Vinyl Cutter. The vinyl image was attached to a piece of plywood and sandblasted. The resulting low relief was rolled up with ink and printed in the Printmaking Workshop. To take the image a step further, we pressed the block into leather-hard clay. When dry, the clay was fired in the kiln in the Ceramics Workshop. The fired clay was then 'cold surfaced' in the Printmaking Workshop with printing inks.