Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Large Scale Monoprints

These large abstract monoprints were produced by Kaz and Danni from ED2 for the Affordable Arts Fair and proved very popular with buyers. They both managed to sell most of their prints.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Mark from Fine Art is producing a series of photo-litho prints. Normally we would expose the plate to ultraviolet light on the exposure unit in the Textile Workshop but as it was such a sunny day we decided it would be more fun to expose the plate in the sun. This takes 3 minutes as opposed to 90 seconds on the exposure unit and also gave Mark the chance to catch some rays! Above is a photographic breakdown of the process which starts with the exposure of the plate using a black and white positive transparency in the contact frame. The contact frame is hung in a favourable position facing direct sunlight. Once exposed, the plate is then developed and rinsed. When it is dry, the plate is damped down with fountain solution and rolled-up with litho ink. The plate is then printed using the star-wheel etching press.