Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vinyl Woodblock Printing

The CAA first years have enjoyed being the guinea pigs for a new printing process, carried out at HCA. Stickers in various shapes were produced on the vinyl cutter, the stickers were then placed upon the surface of plywood. The wood was then sand-blasted and the resulting block, inked and pressed in our print workshop. Here's a couple of photos of the prints.

3D greg

Paper Cut Animation

The animation below, was produced, using paper cut-outs produced on the vinyl cutter. Darren and Mike, (National Diploma 1st Year) worked really hard. They had to produce each image in Adobe Illustrator, format that design into to a dxf file, (a format the vinyl cutter can understand). The vinyl cutter then cut out each image from thin card. Finally, they videoed and edited the animation to produce these fantastic results. (Watch right to the end to see pictures of the artistsresponsible). Respect to you both!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Screen printing onto steel.

Martin (flash) Tatchell ND2 Has been experimenting with printing onto sand blasted steel, as you can see its worked brilliantly...looking forward to the next set of experimental samples.

ND2 Weave

Cathryn Harrie a second year ND2 student is currently working on this unusal
weave incorporating buttons. Nice isn't it!

Alchemists Exhibition

The Jewellery Design course (and Small Metals Tech Dem!) visited this fantastic Exhibition at the 'New Brewery Arts' in Cirencester. Brilliant work from leading jewellers and metalsmiths displaying new concepts in jewellery...really inspiring stuff.

Its on until the 27th February and well worth a look...