Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hidden Gems

Fran from year 2 CAA enjoys detail and and working on a very small scale. After being inducted on the lathe she set out to make a complex container to demonstrate her new found skills.

Twenty-six machined brass components make up the vessel which has twelve Cubic Zirconia gemstones hidden within. On first inspection only a few of the secret gems are revealed, and only with prior knowledge or detailed instructions can all the stones be found. Many hours of precise turning went into creating this beautifully crafted puzzle.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Drawing with wire

An exquisite steel and brass wire maquette made by Sam 1st year Blacksmith.

A selection of Recent Work by Contemporary Applied Art First Years.

Nicki's Lalique inspired press formed hood ornament.

Ester's "Game bird" taxidermy broach.

Nic's bud inspired jewellery.

Penny's Mario Automata

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The future's bright...

Some lovely work produced by Year 2 Jewellery and CAA year should be a good one!

Dom's hinged mixed metal boxes; displaying a variety of different hinges and fastenings. Dom also spent alot of time in the 3D workshop making the frames...

Beth's first work in silver...a commissioned wedding headpiece! Using the techniques of rolling and press-forming and lots of soldering

Gemma's beautiful brooches are a mixture of fine jewellery and textile tecniques

Amy's hearts display a diverse range of techniques including flocking and using foils on perspex, and press-forming and etching silver. Her mixed media pieces have taken her into 3 workshops!